Suggested Reading List

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This is a list of books that you might find helpful for your study of how we can move into a new era in which poverty no longer is considered something that is unavoidable. Some of these books are classics that have influenced the writing of others who followed. Included are titles on globalization.

For additional books on food security, people's movements, globalization and more, see for titles published by the Institute for Food and Development Policy, Food First.

The Politics of Meaning Michael Lerner
Gaviotas Alan Weisman
The Long Road to Freedom

Nelson Mandela
Deep Ecology Bill Duvall
A Policy of Kindness H.H. the Dalai Lama
Small is Beautiful E.F. Schumacher
Food First Francis Moore Lappé
Introduction to Permaculture,
(There is a Spanish edition too)
Bill Mollison
Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth Buckminster Fuller
Propuesta de Desarrollo Rural Sustentable Miguel Angel Nuñez
Agenda 21, the outcome of the Rio Earth Summit UN Publication
Johannesburg Plan of Implementation, the outcome of the World Summit on Sustainable Development UN Publication
The Case Against the Global Economy Eds. Goldstein and Mander.
Basic Call to Consciousness Eds. Akwesasne Notes
Seeds of Peace, A Buddhist Vision for Renewing Society Sulak Sivaraksa
Maya Cultural Activism in Guatemala Eds. E.F. Fischer & R. McKenna Brown
Voice of Indigenous People: Native People Address the United Nations Ed. Ewen & The Native American Council of New York City
Nación y Pueblos Indios en el Neoliberalismo Gliberto López y Rivas (1996)
Los Pueblos Indígenas Frente a la Globalización Tomás Alarcón (to order write
Globalization and its Discontents E. Stiglitz (Winner of the Nobel in Economics)
Pedagogy of the Oppressed Paulo Freire

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