These kind people made hats for children affected by hurricane Stan

Hat makers from three countries

They sent the hats with messages of caring, a photo of themselves, and a much needed toothbrush.

See photos below

Esthela Alfonso Gordillo, Motozintla, Chiapas, Mexico; Frances Avery, Marina, California, USA; Maryann T. Beverly, Columbia, South Carolina, USA; Rosemary Brennan & Friends, Banning, California, USA; Tamara Brennan, Motozintla, Chiapas, Mexico; Myrna Costalone, Boulder, Colorado, USA; Catriona Ferguson, Mount Vernon, Iowa, USA; Heartlights, Mount Vernon, Iowa, USA; Joan Himmelhoch, New York, New York, USA; Janet Hirschhorn, Methuen, MA, USA; Jan Hudson, San Francisco, California, USA; Intermountain Youth Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA; Judith James, North America; Nancy Joy & Elfie, Mount Vernon, Iowa, USA; Suze Laporte, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada; Mary McCrohn, San Francisco, California, USA; Jacob and Bonnie McLean, Asheville, North Carolina, USA; USA; Paula Nath, East Middlebury, Vermont, USA; Ann Scharin, Vernon Rockville, Conneticut, USA; Terri & Kerri Schnarr, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada; Katherine Solomon, Sutton New Hampshire, USA; Storybook Farm, South Hampton, Ontario, Canada; Miriam Stein, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Debra Tobin, Tucson Arizona, USA; Theresa Tokasz, Laurens, South Carolina, USA; Sharon Wilkie-Mortl, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA; Greg Wilson & Friends, Nederland, Colorado, USA; Evelyn Winston, Mount Vernon, Iowa, USA.

Solidarity in time of crisis is one of the
highest forms of human caring.