Policy Analysis

Sexto Sol has a commitment to studying policy that impacts land based communities and, whenever possible, to bring our expertise to bear on the framing of such policy. We are a small organization with our first commitment being the projects in the communities we serve. However, we believe that information leads to understanding which then leads to better outcomes when informed people incorporate insight into their actions and work.

If you are reading this page, you too are trying to understand the complex forces at work that to date have prevented humanity from eradicating hunger and human misery. In the "Globalization" and "Indigenous Peoples" sections we pass on information to help you to comprehend some of these issues. The section on "Poverty Reduction" provides descriptions of international efforts to reduce human misery.

We believe that poverty is an aberration in a world of abundance. The good news is that if poverty is a human creation, then by applying our collective creativity and compassion to the task, humanity can organize its institutions to eliminate it.

The world needs us all to see ourselves as part of the solution. This happens through responsible study followed by thoughtful, right action based in compassion for others.

In an increasingly interdependent world, the principle and duty of international cooperation take on greater meaning and urgency. In this global context, human rights constitute the “common language of humanity”. --Romeo Saganash, Grand Council of the Crees

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