The People Who Are The Sexto Sol Center

Learn who participates in Sexto Sol's International Partners for Healing Program here

Field Team

Tamara Brennan, Ph.D., Executive Director, is a sociocultural-community psychologist and long-time activist for the respect of the rights of indigenous peoples and the natural world. She is an organic gardener, permaculturist, poet and healer. She is dedicated to furthering policy on the international level that will create a more sustainable and humane world in which all people thrive. Sexto Sol's International Partners for Healing program brings together her experience working with land-based communities and her search for effective ways to help people heal from traumatic experiences. Tamara is also Sexto Sol's volunteer coordinator and webmaster. To communicate with Tamara:

Community Liaison for Water Projects

Isaac Ventura is native to the Sierra Madre and knows the region like the back of his hand. He is well known and respected in the farthest communities for having worked to help small scale coffee farmers sell their coffee. He is employed by the Ctiy of Motozintla to monitor the needs of remote communities for the municipality. Isaac identifies communities that need assistance to upgrade their water systems and serves as the liaison between local leaders and Sexto Sol. His participation is invaluable for the success of Sexto Sol's potable water program.

Francisco Barrios, 1957 - 2017. Sexto Sol Co-founder and Program Coordinator for 20 years. Francisco believed that poverty in his native Sierra Madre will end when the people realize that they need an "intellectual" revolution, one that leads them to change the ways they might unintentionally be perpetuating the root causes of the poverty they suffer. His idea of harnessing the collective power of small farmers in order to better market coffee was the guiding vision that launched Sexto Sol. He applied his mechanical aptitude to designing systems and appropriate technology in order to help people live better. Sexto Sol's mission was his life's work. With his passing, he has become part of the history of the Sierra Madre region that he so loved. "El Ing" is remembered with great affection for having truly made an impact in the lives of thousands of people.

Virtual Tech Assistant

Mariana Mendes helps Sexto Sol with the technical aspects of our on-line presence from her location in Brazil. She studied systems analysis and development at the Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia de Minas Gerais, with an interest in mobile development for the Android platform and distributed systems. Mariana is also interested in mathematical modeling of biological systems, biomedical engineering, and applied computing for application in medicine

Intern and Research Assistant (2014)

Amy Brunett is a linguist dedicated to documenting and preserving endangered languages. During her internship she assisted Dr. Brennan with background research for the International Partners for Healing program. Together they learned an energy medicine technique called the Bars. She organized a day long session in a local school that gave 2-6 graders experience with the Mocho language and traditional herbal medicine.

Virtual Research Assistant

Ashley Menante is an anthropologist dedicated to designing solutions to the world's biggest obstacles. She is working as an archaeologist while pursuing a Masters in Architecture. She earned her MPhil in Biological Anthropology at the University of Cambridge and her BA in Anthropology at the University of Nevada, Reno. She loves photography, reading, doing yoga, and exploring.

Board of Directors

Luis Mariquez is the treasurer of The Sexto Sol Center. He is a water chemist for the City of Phoenix, Arizona. Luis has working to bring water to communities in need for many years. He also provides assistance to the Tauramara people in Northern Mexico. We can always count on Luis to come up with ideas, information and tools needed to get the job done. To communicate with Luis, including to ask for financial information:

Sharon Erickson-Nepstad, Ph.D. is Director of Religious Studies and Professor of Sociology at the University of New Mexico. Her areas of research are social movements, religion, peace studies, and political sociology. She is the author of several books that examine non-violent peace movements including "Religion and War Resistance in the Plowshares Movement." which was awarded the 2009 Outstanding Book Award for the American Sociological Association section on Peace, War, and Social Conflict.


Mary Campbell has been a member of the Board of Sexto Sol since 2004. She was the administrative assistant to management at General Motors until she retired. Now Mary and husband Tony devote their time to building homes for Habitat for Humanity.


Juan Pascoe, was the director of programs for Latin America and Africa for 25 years for the United Nations Development Programme. In recent years he has been working to facilitate dialog between members of U.S. congress and Mexican legislators about immigration reform. He has been an inspiration to us as we practice development work.

Super Supporters

Tony Campbell has a special affection for Motozintla and the Sierra Madre which began when he lived here in years ago as part of a project for the Catholic Church. He is always willing to help Sexto Sol in whatever ways he can be that to find donated seeds, bring us a new computer, or rally support for projects.


Edward James Olmos, actor and activist has been a long time friend of the Sexto Sol Center. His fans have generously contributed to our work for years. Mr. Olmos is dedicated to furthering the unifying message that humanity is One Race. He advocates for the end to the artificial divisions that separate us so that we can get on with creating a peaceful world. We are proud that the Sexto Sol Center is featured on his official website.

Volunteers from around the world


We have been blessed to have the selfless and skilled help of people from 19 countries. Volunteers and interns have contributed their work, knowledge, ideas and love, leaving an indellible mark of compassion in communities that have benefited from their efforts. We are proud of the quality of people who choose to serve the world through their time with Sexto Sol. Visit our Volunteer page, to see who they are. We also rely on the involvement of volunteers in the U.S. who help with tech knowledge and promoting our work. We appreciate you all!

There's Room for You

When we suggest that "changing the world for the better is a team effort", we mean it. Practicing radical acts of kindness counts. And, there are many ways you can get involved in helping Sexto Sol.

We are looking for qualified people to join our Board of Directors. Contact: