Now you can enjoy exceptional coffee and provide support for Sexto Solís work with every pound you buy!


  • Savor the unique flavors everyday
  • Order online for delivery to your door
  • Just in time for Holiday entertaining and gifts
  • Fair Trade: farmers receive a fair price
  • Promotes organic farming and rainforest protection
  • Receive a 10% discount every time you purchase
  • A generous portion of sales supports the non-profit
    Sexto Sol's projects in Chiapas and Guatemala!
  • coffee bags Higher Grounds Trading Company is committed to providing customers with premium, gourmet, handcrafted coffees while doing business in a way that improves the lives of people in coffee producing regions of the world. You could say that The Sexto Sol Center and Higher Grounds share a lot of common ground(s)! We appreciate their generous support of Sexto Sol projects.

    Hereís how it works

    Order from the impressive selection of gourmet coffees from the Higher Grounds website and receive a 10% discount every time you purchase.
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    Be sure to enter our "coupon" code when you check out: sextosol10

    "Changing the world is a team effort"
    Some ideas on how you can help:

    Buying all your coffee from Higher Grounds Trading Company will help Sexto Sol have steady income for projects. Please tell your friends and colleagues about buying this coffee. Consider encouraging your city hall, place of business, and place of worship to join the growing movement to serve only coffee that's good for the world.

    It is our collective desire that humanity live better that makes all the difference.
    Never hesitate when moved to act from kindness.

    We appreciate your support!

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